Workspace and Office Insurance

It is important to protect the space in which you do business.

Most businesses will have at least one workspace to work from. That workspace will then often house computer devices, furniture, confidential information and equipment. There is therefore risk surrounding this space as it can be susceptible to theft, damage and accidents. Your liability to others is also a factor and most workspace insurance policies include Public Liability and optional Employers Liability.

Workspace and Office Insurance works by protecting the property and its contents. You can purchase varying levels of insurance cover for your office or workspace, but generally it will help protect you against unwanted and unplanned costs that could severely damage your business.

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Just like your home, your workspace or office is at risk of events such as fire, theft, flood and accidental damage. Damage and theft can bring huge costs to businesses, so having the right cover can help protect you against unplanned costs that could have a significant impact on your company.

Workspace and Office Insurance can provide cover for your individual situation, whether you work from home, in a co-working space or in a large multi-storey office block.

Many events that could incur damage and costs are unforeseen, so having the right insurance cover could mean the difference between your business recovering or not.

If you rent an office for your business, your landlord is likely to have buildings insurance to help protect the building itself. The contents, however, may not be covered, so it is important to understand how much or little you may be protected. If you own the building that your business works from, then you’ll need cover which will protect damage to the building and premises in addition to the items within in it such as office equipment, furniture and computers. Property Owners Liability will typically be included with buildings insurance.

Workspace and Office Insurance is recommended for all business owners and can cover the following spaces:

  • Home offices
  • Hubs and coworking spaces
  • Traditional office spaces
  • Multi tenure buildings

If you own a business in the hospitality, motor, beauty, cosmetic or leisure industry and are looking for insurance for your workspace, please visit our specific business services to find out more:



The level of cover and protection you need will largely depend on the space you work in, whether it is owned or rented and your trade and activities.

If you own the office building, then you’ll need to ensure that you have cover to protect the building itself, as well as the contents within it.

If you only rent the workspace, then you’ll need to check what is already covered with your landlord and ensure you have cover for anything that isn’t already protected such as office equipment and devices.

If you work in a coworking space then it is likely that the shared workspace will already have some form of insurance, but it is important to check exactly what is covered. It may not, for example, cover the individuals working within it and their possessions.

Depending on the level of cover you need, the teams at SJL Insurance Services can also support you with business insurance cover such as:

Find out more about SJL Insurance Services and why you should choose us for your insurance services.


If you hot desk or work in a shared coworking space, it is likely that it is already covered by some insurance. However, this typically only covers the workspace itself which could still leave you vulnerable should anything happen to your belongings. Also, if you cause accidental damage to the workspace, then you’ll need Public Liability in place to deal with claims made against you.

Check with the owners of the workspace to understand how protected you are. If you want to ensure that your business and personal possessions are protected when using coworking spaces, then please chat with our team. It could be that you’ll need to take out a basic form of Workspace and Office Insurance to help protect you should anything happen to your business equipment or personal contents.



If you run your business from home, then it is likely that your home insurance won’t provide cover for your business-related items so it’s important to check the specifics of your home insurance. Your home insurance also typically won’t cover your liability for your trade and activities.

The same can apply if you are employed and work from home and use business owned devices and equipment. Check with your employer to make sure business owned items that you use in your home are covered outside of the office too. This will help protect the items should anything happen whilst at your home.

If you’re still unsure about the cover you might need, please contact us and our team can help discuss the best options for you.

Workspace and Office Insurance FAQs

The cost of Workspace and Office Insurance will depend on your individual business needs and set up. Whether you’re a freelancer working in a co-working space in town or a business owner who owns a large multi-storey office building in the city, we can build an insurance policy for you.

SJL Insurance Services is an insurance broker with a large team of experts who work with you and the huge array of insurance options available to them to find you the best cover.

If you would like to know what cover would best suit your business and how much it would cost, please contact our team today.

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