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SJL Insurance Services are proud to have it’s own in-house claims team.

Our expertise allows us to help and guide the insured in navigating the claims process and facilitating a desirable outcome.

Without the help of an in-house claims department policyholders are left to deal with insurers directly, this situation normally disadvantages a policyholder given that the distribution of knowledge is heavily weighted towards insurers.

Our understanding of coverage, validation processes and the ability to use contract terms in favour of policy holders has allowed us to obtain higher or quicker settlement. There have been occasions where our involvement has resulted in cover being afforded to a policyholder, that would not have been offered ( i.e. claim would have been declined ) had we not been part of the conversation. On other occasions, we have facilitated early release of funds, increased settlement or quicker settlement of claims by guiding clients on the evidence required to reach agreement with insurers.   


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