Property Owners Liability Insurance

Covering property and landowners anywhere in the UK. If you own a piece of land, it is important to have the correct property owners liability insurance cover to help protect you should anything happen. It is important that you have adequate property owner’s liability insurance or land liability insurance which covers the many varied scenarios […]

Speciality Home Insurance


Providing cover for properties that aren’t protected under home insurance. Specialist Home Insurance (or non-standard home insurance) provides cover for properties that aren’t fully protected under standard home insurance. This could be for properties that are let out short term for holiday rentals, homes with unique features such as thatched roofing or solar panels or […]

Workspace and Office Insurance


It is important to protect the space in which you do business. Most businesses will have at least one workspace to work from. That workspace will then often house computer devices, furniture, confidential information and equipment. There is therefore risk surrounding this space as it can be susceptible to theft, damage and accidents. Your liability […]

Property Insurance


Since 2001 SJL have insured over 50,000 properties. Property Insurance covers a number of policies that provide property protection coverage or liability coverage for property owners across all types of property. It provides protection against weather-related damage such as wind and lightning, in addition to fire and theft. Common sections of cover that sit within […]

Vacant Property & Executor Insurance


  SJL Vacant Property & Executor Insurance Specialist property and business insurance whilst estates are in probate.     What is Vacant Property & Executor Insurance and why is it needed? Vacant Property Insurance provide property protection coverage or liability coverage for property owners across all types of property whilst it is vacant. It provides […]