PII is an insurance coverage that will respond in the event that you are alleged to have provided inadequate services, advice or design that leads to financial loss for the receiving party.

It focuses on the financial side of things. It can cover legal fees and compensation payments if a business is sued. Any payments for compensation will take into account the financial loss that has been suffered by the client.
PII is not a legal requirement like Employers’ Liability is, however, some industries may require it due to their regulating/governing bodies. For Accountants, Architects and Lawyers, it is mandatory. Please check the requirements for your sector!
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Is it worth it?

  • Here are some reasons to help you decide its value and why you might want to invest:
    You offer a service – If you offer a service based on your knowledge/skills in things like Advertising, Software Development or Design, you may be at risk. Clients may claim that your work isn’t up to the required standard, or it caused them to suffer financially in some way.
  • You’re Human – If you’re Human, you are susceptible to human error. Everyone has an off day and makes mistakes, having PII will ensure that the mistake doesn’t break the bank.
  •  You Advise/Consult your clients – If you provide any advice or consultancy, you are exposed. Your client could claim that they lost money due to the guidance you provided to them and subsequently PII will help you with the defence and any damages payable.


If your renewal is due or you don’t currently have Professional Indemnity Insurance and want to speak some more, please feel free to contact SJL Insurance Services on 01905 27775.  Alternatively, email me at [email protected]

Jack Capper

Jack Capper

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