With Black Friday upon us, businesses and individuals are going to be bombarded with comms from online retailers. Or at least that what they will purport to be from.
Last year, businesses and shoppers lost over £10 million to cyber criminals during the Black Friday and Festive period, so make sure to protect yourself and your business this year making use of the following:
– Make sure your cyber security is up to scratch
Businesses in particular are bombarded with phishing emails on a daily basis, heightened during this period. With the right security, you can limit the number that reach you and your staff, lowering your risk of being caught out.
– Make sure your staff are aware
Human error is the biggest risk to companies when it comes to phishing attacks and cyber crime, so make sure your staff are aware of the risks and, importantly, trained to identify phishing attacks and not to click on links they do not recognise.
– Put the right insurance in place
As a business, you put security in place to protect your business contents, but insure them should the worst happen. The same advice applies with Cyber crime. Security is a great first step, but make sure to have a policy in place should your security be breached so that your losses and not just minimized, but replaced.
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