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Keeping you and your team covered during construction projects

Construction Insurance is designed to insure the complex risks facing companies who work within the construction industry. Because of the ever-changing landscape of the industry, including the consistent increase of health and safety requirements, the policies are designed to offer bespoke covers that adapt to these emerging requirements and risks.

Therefore covers differ greatly depending on which role a company has within the industry. For example, a Professional Indemnity policy for an Architect firm would offer significantly different covers to Professional Indemnity cover for a lead contractor who is engaging in full design and build contracts.

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The Covers We Offer

Construction insurance is a term used to summarise the various covers available to companies working within the construction industry. Within this there are many different types of insurance covers which can be combined to create your policy. Core covers typically include Employers Liability, Public liability, Contractors all risk (CAR) and own plant/ hired in plant covers. However, at SJL we have a wide range of insurers meaning we can negotiate market-leading rates for the following covers:

Professional Indemnity: Professional Indemnity Insurance refers to protection against incorrect or inadequate advice and services that you give. Unfortunately, any business can produce work resulting in both financial and reputational loss for their client and this is sometimes only uncovered long after the contract is completed. In this instance, your company can be held responsible which is when Professional Indemnity Insurance supports your business. At SJL Insurance Services, we provide insurance that can cover expenses, legal fees and pay outs incurred should an allegation be made against you by a client for providing an inadequate service.

Read more about Professional Indemnity Insurance

Who is Construction Insurance for?

Construction business insurance and the different types of cover it affords are suitable for a wide range of companies, including:

  • Manufacturers and distributors of construction materials (including companies engaged in modern methods of construction contracts)
  • Building contractors
  • Lead contractors / developers
  • Sub-contractors and specialists trades
  • Architects and design professionals
  • Surveyors
  • Plant and equipment hire companies



What solutions SJL Insurance Services offer

We offer full turnkey solutions for both annual & project specific insurance programmes combined with bespoke, tailored coverage.

Examples of our existing client footprint include:

  • Owner Controlled Insurance Programme (OCIP);
  • Contractors Controlled Insurance Programme (CCIP);
  • Insurance backed guarantees & surety bonds;
  • Advanced loss of profit & delayed start-up costs;
  • JCT 6.5.1 (Non Negligence cover);
  • Contractors All Risks/Erection All Risks;
  • High Risk Liabilities;
  • Latent Defects;

Undoubtedly, SJL Insurance Services, we build insurance programs suited to your business, based on your specific requirements.

Thus built into our service is assistance in reviewing contracts to highlight your construction company insurance requirements, with specific expertise in JCT contracts.

Construction Insurance FAQs

While the cost of insurance for your construction business varies depending on the size and type of the project. As well as the location, and the level of coverage required. On average, the cost can range from 1-5% of the total construction cost.

How We Help

With SJL Insurance services we take out the guesswork and make sure you get all the cover you need at the best price possible.

While in the UK, construction insurance is not a legal requirement, but it is highly recommended. Because of this, some clients, lenders, or local authorities may require contractors to have insurance in place before starting a construction project. Having insurance helps to protect both the contractor and the client against financial losses in the event of a covered loss during the construction process.

Because choosing the right construction insurance requires a thorough understanding of the risks involved in the project. As well as the coverage needs of the contractor, owner, and other stakeholders.

How We Help

It’s advisable to work with an insurance broker such as SJL Insurance Services to assess the risks and find the most suitable insurance coverage.

Certainly, Yes, construction insurance can be purchased at any stage of the construction process, including during the construction phase.

So if a contractor or owner doesn’t have construction insurance, they are at risk of incurring significant financial losses in the event of damage.


For Example

Property damage, personal injury, or other covered loss during the construction process.

To clarify, responsibility for obtaining construction insurance typically lies with the contractor, owner, or both, depending on the terms of the construction contract.

Firstly if a claim is made during a construction project, the insurance company will assess the claim. Secondly, it will then determine the amount of coverage available under the policy. Therefore if the claim is covered, the insurance company will pay the policyholder for the losses incurred.

In short, Yes, insurance coverage is available for both commercial and residential construction projects.

In short, Construction insurance typically covers natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes, as long as they are specified in the insurance policy.

Always Check

So it is important to check the policy details to determine what natural disasters are covered and to what extent.

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