Employment & Recruitment Agency Insurance

Operating a recruitment agency holds many risks.

Recruitment and Employment Agencies work to find people jobs. Like many businesses, this can come with its own risks. It is therefore important that you have effective Recruitment Agency Insurance cover to help protect your business should the worst happen.

Whether you’re an Employment Agency or a Recruitment Agency, you are providing businesses with advice and are responsible for the credentials of the candidates you place. You are therefore vulnerable to claims of professional negligence.

Both provide services to other businesses and work closely with candidates and confidential information. The necessary office and business insurances are required, but recruitment and employment agencies are also often liable for the candidates they place.

It is therefore integral that you protect your business with Recruitment and Employment Agency Insurance.

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Available Recruitment Agency Insurance Covers


Employment agencies insurance covers the specific risks faced by recruitment agencies.

One of the main risks that recruitment agencies face is the potential for legal claims arising from the workers they hire. If a worker placed at a client’s company causes damage or harm, the agency could face accountability. Insurance for employment agencies covers legal defence costs and settlements or judgments resulting from claims.

Additionally, this type of insurance can also provide coverage for employee-related risks. Insurance can cover the medical expenses and disability benefits of an injured agency worker. However, this is only if they meet the requirements. This is especially important for agencies that specialize in industrial placements or other physically demanding jobs.

Clients can claim that an agency provided them with unsuitable candidates or failed to do proper background checks. Insurance can help pay for legal representation and any resulting damages.

Having the right insurance coverage is crucial for the long-term success and stability of a recruitment agency. Without it, the financial burden of unexpected events or legal claims could be devastating. Employment agencies can feel secure with insurance that protects them from industry risks.

In short, insurance for employment and recruitment agencies is important for their financial protection. It provides coverage for a range of risks, including legal claims, employee injuries, and professional indemnity. With proper insurance, agencies can prioritize job placement, confident in having a safety net for emergencies.

We design our insurance policies for recruitment and employment agencies to protect businesses according to their needs. This can include Employers Liability Insurance, Professional Indemnity Insurance and Public Liability Insurance.

SJL Insurance Services has experienced teams with over 20 years in business insurance and access to various insurance products. They work with you to tailor a solution for your business.

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Those who work in recruitment across all industries and sectors can take out Employment and Recruitment agency Insurance.

At SJL Insurance Services, we understand that agencies’ needs can vary massively depending on their specific sector and industry. That’s why we create policies that tailor to your business.

Some of the sectors that we work with include:

  • Offshore oil and gas sector
  • Driving agency
  • Care agencies
  • Temporary industrial placements
  • IT
  • Medical/Nursing
  • Construction
  • Gang Masters


No matter your industry, we can work with you to find the best insurance policy for your business.

SJL Insurance Services can provide insurance for staffing firms in the oil and gas industry. They can also provide insurance for driving agencies. We customise insurance policies to meet the specific needs and risks of different industries.

No matter what industry you’re in, we’ll work together to find the right insurance for your business. Our team of experts will assess your specific needs and provide you with a comprehensive and tailored insurance solution. SJL Insurance Services handles your insurance needs so you can focus on running your recruitment agency.

What does employment and recruitment agency insurance include?

The expert teams at SJL Insurance Services build policies with relevant and desired cover to suit your business. Insurance for staffing agencies covers all your business needs, protecting you from unexpected situations.

We can customize your policy to include various insurance covers for your business. We tailor these covers to protect you based on your specific needs. They range from specialised protection to everyday coverage.

Recruitment and Employment Agency Insurance can include:

  • Employers Liability- If you have employees, you legally require Employers Liability Insurance. It covers claims from employees who got hurt or sick because of their job. This insurance helps protect employers from potential financial losses and legal expenses that may arise from such claims.
  • Public and Products Liability- This Insurance covers claims from third parties. Individuals make these claims when they suffer injuries or experience property damage. The cause of these injuries or damages is your business or products. This insurance helps protect businesses from potential financial losses and legal expenses that may arise from such claims.
  • Legal Expenses Insurance- This covers legal costs and expenses in various types of legal disputes. These disputes can include contract or employment issues, as well as tax investigations. This insurance helps businesses with legal costs and provides legal advice and representation when necessary.
  • Office Insurance- coverage for risks to your office, like damage to the building, contents, and equipment. It also includes protection for business interruption and liability claims. This insurance protects businesses from financial losses and helps them keep running in unexpected situations.
  • Personal Accident Insurance- Provides coverage for employees who sustain injuries or die while performing their job. This insurance gives money to employees and their families if there is an accident. It pays for medical costs, gives money for being disabled, and gives money if someone dies.
  • Drivers Negligence insurance- Protects against claims against your business for damages caused by your drivers’ negligence. This insurance helps protect businesses from potential financial losses and legal expenses that may arise from such claims.
  • Products Liability Insurance- Covers claims for damages caused by your products made against your business. This insurance helps protect businesses from potential financial losses and legal expenses that may arise from such claims.
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance– Covers claims against your business for mistakes or negligence in professional services. This insurance is particularly important for businesses that provide professional services or advice, such as consultants, architects, or accountants. It helps protect businesses from potential financial losses and legal expenses that may arise from such claims.
  • Directors and Officers Insurance covers claims against company directors and officers for alleged wrongdoing or negligence in their roles. This insurance protects directors and officers from financial losses and legal expenses that may come from claims.

Please contact us to speak to a specialist team member. We can discuss what you need, how your business works, and the insurance you might need.



We tailor policies to the individual business. We design a policy and cost just for you, depending on your business size, industry, and how much cover you would like. If you desire to discuss your options with an expert, please contact us now or complete our get a quote form.

Do you need insurance as a recruiter?

As a recruiter, there are a number of covers that you should have in place before you start trading. You should possess three kinds of insurance..

This encompasses Public Liability, which provides coverage for injuries or damages to third parties. Employers Liability offers protection for injuries or damages to staff members. Finally, Professional Indemnity provides coverage for financial losses resulting from your errors. Depending on your services and contracts, you may need extra coverage like Vicarious Liability and Driver’s Negligence.

Typically, you base the differences on the type of staff you are placing. Employment agencies have temporary workers, while recruitment agencies find permanent staff for employers based on their needs. The lines can blur a little at times, but we can help to ensure you have the cover you need.

In instances of Vicarious Liability, a recruitment firm holds accountability for errors committed by their employees. The firm safeguards itself in these situations. This is not typical in insurance plans.

It depends on agreements with employers. It also depends on the type of work done by temporary hires. Our seasoned insurance consultants are available to guide and provide recommendations based on your needs.


Unfortunately not. The specific recruitment policy includes Drivers Negligence insurance and agencies or drivers cannot purchase it separately. For a Staffing agency providing drivers, this is essential however, as are the covers that sit alongside it.

We know about driving agencies and market access. We can find the right insurance for your business and give you advice.


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