Dry Cleaners Insurance

Specialist insurance providers for dry cleaning and launderette businesses

Dry Cleaners Insurance, and Laundrette Insurance, provides protection to businesses in a unique sector.

Laundrettes and Dry Cleaners face unique risks that require specialised insurance coverage. Seeking guidance from an experienced insurance broker can be extremely helpful in ensuring adequate protection for your business. You can change the cover to meet the businesses needs, including staffed and unstaffed operations, and protecting customers’ items.

Dry Cleaners Insurance Available Covers

Why do I need Dry cleaners Insurance?

Insurers view dry cleaners and launderettes as risky businesses. Therefore, it is crucial to have insurance coverage in case something bad happens.

Having the right insurance is crucial for your business. It can determine whether you can keep going after an incident or not. So, make sure you have the right cover in place.

Get insurance for your dry cleaning business from a specialist broker who knows the industry well. They will provide the right coverage and advice for you. Make sure to speak to an expert at SJL insurance today.


Are Dry Cleaners Insurance policies and Laundrette Insurance policies legally required?

If you have workers, you need Employers Liability insurance, but you don’t need most other types of business insurance.

Although the law does not require you to protect your business and income from various risks, experts highly advise it. Seeking advice from an expert at SJL Insurance Services can be extremely valuable in this regard.


Why choose SJL Insurance Services for Dry cleaners insurance?

SJL Insurance Services work at the forefront of the insurance industry, recognising new and ongoing threats to businesses. As a global insurance broker, we work for businesses by sourcing the best and most effective policies for them.

As insurance experts, we are on a mission to help the British public and international businesses located all over the world to improve their chance of getting a successful insurance claim by advising them how to protect themselves and what to do.

At SJL Insurance Services, we carry out a risk analysis of a business to understand the needs of that company and locate the appropriate Dry Cleaners policy for it.

Contact us today to speak with one of our specialist team members.


Who should take out Dry Cleaners and Laundrette insurance?

If you own or run a dry cleaners or launderette, you should have a specific insurance policy for your business. It doesn’t matter if it is manned or unmanned, or if it is located on the high street.

Each dry cleaners and launderette business is different, from the size of the business, to services provided. We don’t have a fixed price. We use our expertise and connections to find the best policy for you.

We recommend that you get cover for your customer’s belongings, which falls under the Goods in Trust section.

Due to the large amount of expensive equipment involved within the dry cleaning and laundrette industry, claims for risks such as fires can be costly. Combine this with the enhanced risk these business face, due to working with heat generating electrical alliances, considering insuring against these losses is sensible to ensure the longevity of your business if something goes wrong.

Get a Dry Cleaners Insurance quote for the cover you need,
and have peace of mind knowing that you're protected.

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