SJL Insurance Services (SJL) is excited to announce our brand new specialist product, providing protection for vacant properties whilst under Probate or Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA).

With decades of experience providing property insurance solutions, SJL insurance is acutely aware of the insurance challenges when a property becomes unoccupied with no set date for occupancy. Standard Household insurers can look to remove cover or place prohibitive conditions and exclusions, meaning the protection provided is no longer fit for purpose. We have therefore created our brand new specialist product, Unoccupied Property Probate Insurance.

Designed with, and for, Solicitors

We at SJL have used our extensive knowledge of the market, and collaborated with a number of leading Solicitors, to develop a unique, market leading proposition. Providing full cover with an A-rated insurer, our focus was to create a specialist vacant property insurance policy that was quick and simple to put in place. Not only does this take the time and hassle out of the process, but also ensures the cover provided is excellent with minimal administrative requirements. Our unoccupied probate and LPA property Insurance product:

Specialist Solutions

Rob Mckechnie, Managing Director at SJL Insurance Services, said “This new product illustrates how we at SJL are constantly looking to provide specialist solutions into sectors and markets that have traditionally struggled to get the support they need. This product has been specifically developed following feedback and requests from solicitors, which just further shows our agility and willingness to provide the right products to the right people.”

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