The team at SJL are doing a lockdown challenge to raise funds for Coronavirus. We are pledging to take part in an activity whilst we are all at home, in exchange for a donation or sponsorship to the SJL Foundation. A lot of the money we raise will go to Acorns children’s hospices who currently have an emergency Coronavirus pandemic crisis response plan in place to help vulnerable children and their families during this unsafe and uncertain time. Other funds will go towards re-starting up selected businesses that had to close because of Coronavirus.

Here is Adrian Hanson giving it his all as you can see, please give all you can afford whether it’s £1, £5, £10, £20, £50, £100, £1000 or more – every pound counts. Please like and share this post to enable more people to help.

And our Rob McKechnie is walking a combined 250 miles with his colleague Sam, here is Rob’s cute son supporting his father on part of the journey pointing at the best direction to go. Rob has also committed to doing 4,000 sit-ups during the 30 day period, which started on 18th April.

You can help here:

Contact us for more details.