May your Christmas be filled with joy and happiness! To help this cause, consider the following winter risks that you can insure against to protect yourself, your property and personal belongings:

1) Frozen Pipes

As temperatures plummet, water inside pipes can freeze, causing them to burst and leading to significant water damage.

2) Ice, Snow & Roof Damage

The snow and ice on a roof can lead to water seepage, causing damage to your roof, attic, and ceilings. The weight of snow can also make roofs exposed to collapsing.

3) Slip and Fall Liability

Winter brings icy driveways, increasing the risk of slip and fall accidents on your property.

4) Theft

With the nights drawing in and an influx in expensive gifts, the risk of theft is high, make sure you have protective measures in place

5) Tree Related Hazards

Extreme weather conditions, alongside snow and ice accumulation on tree branches can lead to breakage, posing a threat to your property.

6) Fire

With the cold weather comes an increase in the use of stoves, candles and fires. Make sure these are properly maintained.

7) Power Surges

WIth and increase in lighting, be sure to check your devices to avoid power surges and damage to your electronics.

8) Land Liability

There is likely to me more visitors to the property during deliveries. Make sure it is a safe experience for any welcome visitors.

9) Cyber

Rushing around buying last-minute presents? This is when scammers will be most active. Be vigilant and background check any websites you purchase from.

10) Valuables

It could be a huge payout for your true love if the recently purchased 5 gold rings are not protected by your contents insurance! Be sure to add any gifts onto cover as soon as possible.

11) Vehicle damage

With Icy Roads and outdoor activities. There could be some slipping and sliding from both manual and motor vehicles.

12) Accidental damage

With increased visitors and busier households the likelihood of accidents happening increases.