The UK Beauty & Aesthetics industry has continued to grow significantly over the past 5 years into a multi-billion pound industry, and with this growth, the demand for well trained practitioners has grown as well.

To enable supply to meet the demand, training academies across the UK have also grown hugely, with many offering fast track courses to their students to enable them to begin offering the treatments clients are looking for, from Botox and Dermal fillers to Chemical peels and Laser hair removal.

With this increase in demand, as with all industries, standards can begin to drop, so it is absolutely key that prospective students do the due diligence to ensure they pick the best available training and academy to allow them to upskill in a complex sector. Students and Academies should be aware of the following key points to ensure they protect themselves and their clients during the training process and once graduated:

  • Academies
    • All academies need to ensure they have the appropriate insurance in place for the activities they undertake. Many will have insurance for the treatment side of the business and assume this will cover them when they move into training. Make sure to discuss with your broker to get the advice and cover required.
  • Students
    • Choose your academy carefully. Make sure to check the requirements before applying, as well as checking the content and how this is delivered. Is it all online? How many hours will I undertake? Is there a practical element? All of these are important to consider to ensure you have the best possible training and best opportunity to make a success of your new business.
  • Everyone
    • Make sure you speak to a broker who understands your industry. This is absolutely key, as this will allow the broker to provide the advice required to ensure the cover in place is appropriate. Insurers will typically only provide cover if the training being provided by the academy meets their stringent requirements – a good broker such as SJL Insurance Services will be able to help you navigate this, as there is little worse than having an insurance policy in place that won’t cover you should the worst happen.

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