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The FinTech market is experiencing unprecedented growth, bringing lots of possibilities and challenges for companies operating in this dynamic space. As FinTech organisations continually advance their capabilities, having the best possible insurance coverage becomes paramount.

At SJL, we understand the evolving landscape of the FinTech market and the unique needs of organisations within it. That’s why we’ve partnered with specialist Insurers with products crafted specifically with companies like yours in mind. Our insurance solution is designed to address the distinctive opportunities and risks associated with the rapidly changing FinTech industry.

  • Extensive market reach, ensuring each policy is tailored individually
  • Experts in a wide range of sectors, able to provide advice at all stages
  • Award Winning In-House Claims Team
  • Lloyds of London Commercial Broker
  • Independent Broker Since 2001

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Why do you need a broker specialising in Fintech companies?

Due to the fast evolving nature of FinTech companies, their insurance coverage needs to be tailored to their business. At SJL, we specialise in serving high-growth fintech firms, understanding how their operations can evolve throughout time. We recognise the importance of flexible insurance solutions that can adapt alongside your business, something that cannot be served with ‘off the shelf’ insurance packages. Rather than viewing insurance as an annual task, we provide ongoing support and tailor-made products to meet the unique requirements of your fintech venture.

We can help you grow

Ensuring you have the right insurance product is essential to enable you to grow. Based on our experience with high growth companies, you don’t want growth plans stilted because your insurance programme is inadequate.

We can protect you

As you grow, so does your exposure. When scaling up, your growth can easily outgrow your insurance. With our expertise in this area, we work to understand our clients to allow us to source a flexible product that grows with you and gives you protection and peace of mind.

We give the support you need, year round

We recognise that we need to give you the service you deserve. As a high growth, high impact company, your demands are high, and with our extensive and experienced team you can be certain you will have all the support you need.


With our tailored approach to FinTech Companies Insurance risk, you can navigate the complex landscape of financial technology with confidence. Whether you are focused on payment solutions, blockchain technology, or digital banking innovations, our coverage is built to provide you with the protection you need to thrive in this dynamic sector.

Why SJL Insurance services?

With over 20 years of experience in commercial insurance, we use our expertise and market reach to source the best products for our clients and give them the advice they need.

With our awards-winning claims team there to support you when the worst happens, we can give the full cycle service you deserve.

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