International Health Insurance

Are you planning on travelling and/or working abroad? Don’t forget to take the right health insurance with you! Our International Health/Medical Insurance policy is designed for individuals of any nationality who are living, travelling, or working outside of their home country on a temporary basis. If you are taking a trip overseas, for any period […]

Kidnap & Ransom Insurance


Specialist risk insurance broker providing Kidnap & Ransom insurance. A speciality crime coverage that protects against financial losses that arise when an insured is threatened with kidnap, extortion or illegal detention domestically or abroad. Will provide financial protection and crisis management in the event of kidnap, hijack, extortion and wrongful detention. Is particularly important to […]

Maritime and Land Security Insurance


Maritime security & overseas land-based security insurance. Maritime Security Insurance, or Marine Security Insurance, is cover for the shipping industry. It is designed to provide protection for vessels sailing in troubled waters. Land Security Insurance offers the same type of protection, but on land, rather than sea. Cover at SJL Insurance Services can be provided […]

Cyber Insurance


SJL Insurance Services are experts in providing Cyber Insurance. Cyber Insurance (also often referred to as Cyber Liability Insurance or Cyber Risk Insurance) protects your business should you become the victim of a cyber-attack or if digital data is damaged or lost. This can include events such as a breach in security, cyber hacking, phishing […]

Professional Indemnity Insurance


Protection against incorrect advice and service.   Professional Indemnity Insurance refers to protection against incorrect or inadequate advice and services that you give. Unfortunately, any business can produce work resulting in both financial and reputational loss for their client and this is sometimes only uncovered long after the contract is completed. Award Winning In-House Claims […]