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Do you need insurance as a recruiter?

As a recruiter, there are a number of covers that you should have in place before you start trading. You should possess three kinds of insurance..

This encompasses Public Liability, which provides coverage for injuries or damages to third parties. Employers Liability offers protection for injuries or damages to staff members. Finally, Professional Indemnity provides coverage for financial losses resulting from your errors. Depending on your services and contracts, you may need extra coverage like Vicarious Liability and Driver’s Negligence.

Typically, you base the differences on the type of staff you are placing. Employment agencies have temporary workers, while recruitment agencies find permanent staff for employers based on their needs. The lines can blur a little at times, but we can help to ensure you have the cover you need.

In instances of Vicarious Liability, a recruitment firm holds accountability for errors committed by their employees. The firm safeguards itself in these situations. This is not typical in insurance plans.

It depends on agreements with employers. It also depends on the type of work done by temporary hires. Our seasoned insurance consultants are available to guide and provide recommendations based on your needs.


Unfortunately not. The specific recruitment policy includes Drivers Negligence insurance and agencies or drivers cannot purchase it separately. For a Staffing agency providing drivers, this is essential however, as are the covers that sit alongside it.

We know about driving agencies and market access. We can find the right insurance for your business and give you advice.


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