Pub, Restaurant, Hotel, Takeaway & Nightclub Insurance

Effective cover for the hospitality sector.


What is Pub, Restaurant, Hotel, Takeaway and Nightclub Insurance?

Pub, Restaurant, Hotel, Takeaway and Nightclub Insurance covers insurance for businesses in the hospitality sector. It is designed to help provide cover to a variety of premises and trades that directly serve the public and the many risks that they are therefore susceptible to.

Most businesses within this sector want to keep customers safe and happy to keep complaints to a minimum and run a successful establishment. Often, there is also staff, premises, equipment and stock to protect too.

The right policy can support businesses by providing cover when the worst happens. This can be in the form of damage to stock, customer injury on your premises, a fire in the kitchen or theft, to name but a few.

Because each and every business will provide different services, SJL Insurance Services cater cover to your individual needs. Policies are designed for your business and only feature the cover you’re likely to need, without unnecessary, costly add-ons.

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Do I need Pub, Restaurant, Hotel, Takeaway and Nightclub Insurance?

It is recommended if you have a business in the hospitality industry that serves food, drink and/or provides accommodation services.

Businesses that should take out Pub, Restaurant, Hotel, Takeaway and Nightclub Insurance include:

Dealing with the public all day can lead to a wide range of risks. Pub, Restaurant, Hotel, Takeaway and Nightclub Insurance can help take the stress out of running your business by providing support should anything bad happen.

Having this type of insurance in place provides you with the reassurance you need, enabling you to do what you do best and run your business without worry.

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Do I still need Insurance if my business is currently closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic?

Even if your business is closed because of the COVID-19 restrictions and you aren’t serving any customers, it is still recommended that you have the right insurance.

Cover can protect you should your property get broken into, vandalised or if there is a fire. It can also help protect your stock and fixtures and fittings should they be stolen or damaged.

The same applies for your employees. Even if staff are furloughed, they still retain employee rights and therefore it still remains a legal requirement in the UK to have Employers Liability cover in force.

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Do I need insurance if I am only providing delivery and/or takeaway services?

If your business is running a little differently due to the Coronavirus pandemic and you aren’t offering a complete service, you can still be liable to claims made against you and are still vulnerable to incidents including theft, damage to stock and property and fire.

As long as you are providing the public with products, for example, you should have product liability, which will protect you should anything you serve cause harm (i.e. food poisoning).

If you are employing staff to help run the business, even if it is less than usual or in a smaller capacity, you are still legally required to own Employer’s Liability cover. This helps protect you from any claims made against the business should any of your staff come to harm at work from an accident or injury.

If customers are collecting goods from your premises, it is also important to have the correct cover to help protect you from injury claims from members of the public visiting your establishment.

SJL Insurance Services can cover all of these insurances needs within one package. Our expert teams will discuss how your business is running at that time and will provide options for ensuring you are covered correctly for your circumstance and individual needs.

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Is my business eligible for Pub, Restaurant, Hotel, Takeaway and Nightclub Insurance?

Because this type of insurance is relevant for so many types of businesses and establishments of all shapes and sizes, SJL Insurance Services can provide specialist, market leading insurance policies for all.

If you own a business in the hospitality trade and want to keep your customers, staff and premises safe, happy and accounted for, you will be eligible for Pub, Restaurant, Hotel, Takeaway and Nightclub Insurance.

More specifically, policies within this insurance can cover the following:

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What is covered in Pub, Restaurant, Hotel, Takeaway and Nightclub Insurance?

Independent food outlets have become increasingly popular in recent years, with owners often looking to offer something a little different to make their businesses stand out.

SJL Insurance Services offers a tailored and flexible solution to businesses of all shapes and sizes, meaning that however you look to differentiate your business from the crowd, we’ll be sure to provide you insurance cover against any increase in risk.

As an insurance broker, we also have access to an array of insurance products to ensure you have the right cover for your business and aren’t paying for any unnecessary add-ons.

Policies can include cover such as:

How much does Pub, Restaurant, Hotel, Takeaway and Nightclub Insurance cost?

We understand that your business is like no other. At SJL Insurance Services, we appreciate that your cover should be uniquely built for you, too.

SJL Insurance Services are able to provide bespoke solutions with a number of the UK’s leading insurers, which enables SJL Insurance Services to be competitively priced whilst providing the best coverage available.

We have a huge range of policies we can provide you with, meaning you only have to come to one place to cover your business correctly. We can also provide popular business cover such as Professional Indemnity, Directors and Officers Liability and Employers Liability (which is mandatory to all businesses that have employees).

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What other cover should I consider for my business?

Often, other insurance services that you might need for your business will be included in your Pub, Restaurant, Hotel, Takeaway and Nightclub Insurance policy, but these are just some of the other services we provide that may be of interest to you: