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We understand you may have important long-term financial needs – such as retirement or financial security for your family. We also appreciate how vital it is to put some careful planning and thought into these things.

That’s why SJL Insurance Services recommend you speak to Skipton Building Society. Skipton has been offering clear and honest financial planning advice for over 30 years. They’ve helped thousands of people take control of their financial future. And they want to help you too.

What’s more, Skipton Building Society have recently made some changes to their services to make financial planning advice even more affordable and accessible.

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Stock market-based investments aren’t like building society savings accounts – as your capital is at risk and you may get back less than you invested. Also, the value of your investments and any income from them could fall as well as rise. Some areas of inheritance tax aren’t regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. And inheritance tax thresholds depend on your individual situation and prevailing legislation – both of which may change in the future.

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