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Renovating your home?

SJL can ensure you are fully covered

We have it on good authority that lockdown gave some people the time to reassess their homes, think about change and even dream about the future. It prompted a huge increase in home renovations, it changed our lifestyles and even shifted our routines.

Today, homeowners are needing different things from their living spaces. No longer is open plan living the ‘must have’. Instead, we know that more people want a home office to escape to, and a gym to work off the stresses and strains of the day.

As the housing market continues to soar, those who may have previously relocated are also being encouraged to make changes to their existing property instead.

What does this mean for your home insurance?

If your planned renovations only go as far as a lick of paint, then an insurer is unlikely to look upon this negatively. However, structural work may have an impact on your home insurance policy and most insurers ask that you inform them before starting the work.

Insurers are keen to know about any work that may not be included in your existing cover and could invalidate your policy. So, before you get stuck in, take a look at the bigger impact of your planned renovations.

For example, if extending your kitchen means you need to give regular access to builders, expose some of your property to the outside elements, accept deliveries of building tools and supplies or temporarily leave your home, you may not be covered. Any proposed renovation works may also impact the value of your house, and therefore the value you have covered.

The rise in material and labour costs is also a factor to consider. As the demand for both new buildings and existing repairs continues to increase, resources and supplies become more difficult to source. Insurers may also be interested to know if you are looking to use alternative materials, for example timber cladding, in your home renovations. Modern material choices could bring unknown risk factors to your home and the building process.

Unlikely to impact your cover

Likely to impact your cover

The above points to consider can be used as a general guide, but if you are unsure about your cover and the impact your renovation plans may have on your policy, it’s always best to check.

Many home insurance policies don’t cover any accidents or damages caused by tradesmen or building work so you may want to consider additional cover. It’s also important to check that anyone carrying out the building work is fully covered by their own liability insurance.

We are confident that, if you can provide us with full details of your project, we can provide you with the right cover for it.

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