Are you a solicitor or a professional who works with estates in probate?

Probate insurance

Then this post is for you.


High service levels will be of utmost importance to you.


SJL Insurance Services insure any type of business, but we specialise in property insurance and in relation to estates in probate matters we offer:


1) One single point of contact

2) In-House underwriting

3) Fast turn-around

4) Catering for a range of different property types (after all SJL Insurance Services insure anything from a vacant home to vacant warehouses to a suite of hotels and a Sikh temple)

5) SJL Insurance Services can deal with properties whilst they are vacant, occupied or in trust

SJL Insurance Services have insured tens of thousands of vacant properties either individually or as part of a portfolio on specialist insurance schemes. SJL has an extensive history of insuring unique properties which most online or off-the-shelf providers cannot accommodate. SJL know that a property can become vacant for a number of reasons, so our insurance is designed to meet the circumstances of each policyholder as well as their exit strategy. We are involved in:


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