SJL is proud to offer all of its staff if they wish to use it, a free ongoing mental health counselling service with mental health nurse Carie Workman. This week is the globally recognised Mental Health Awareness Week.

Sometimes people wonder what looking after your own mental health can actually mean on a second by second basis. It can start with regulating emotions. Learning new tools that help you modify and regulate your emotions. Learning how to cope through adversity as life always throws situations at us. Some of these situations do not meet our needs and so upset us. It’s how we react in those scenarios that can change our lives for the better, or worse.
One great technique to learn is learning how to respond rather than react.

Working on your own mental health is many things but it includes learning what your needs are. What your values are. Learning what triggers you. Learning how to let your emotions and pain out of your body, rather than circulating in your mind and brain for too long which causes damage.

Working out whether the pain is something that is part of life such as grieving when a loved one passes away, which is natural, or, whether the pain from a situation is coming from a deeper wound that has not healed due to something that happened in the past, and if you understood yourself deeply, then you can heal that in a way that does not cause you to be as triggered from it in the future.

Taking small steps every day to improve your mental health is all you need. Did you know that physical exercise releases natural drugs into your body so you’re automatically conditioned to feel better during and after it.

So many of our wonderful staff have benefited from this mental health counselling that we offer with Nurse Carie. SJL’s staff are front and foremost a vital part of the SJL business and that’s why we like to take care of them.

What are you doing today to improve your own mental health?

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