From Thinking Her Sustainable Eco-Gift Business May Go Bankrupt to Her Business Booming, Business Owner Worried When the Coronavirus Lockdown Started – But Instead She Increased Her Revenue By 800 Percent Since March 2020 Thanks to Free Elite Coaching from Mentoring Charity

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Free Elite Coaching

“When the Government announced lockdown, I worried my start-up sustainable eco-gift business may go bankrupt, but instead my business boomed. I received free elite business coaching from the SJL Foundation charity, which guided me towards becoming agile to move away from selling my gifts under a roof, to selling online only, which was the original goal all along.” said Good Things founder, Lucy Willoughby from near Totnes, Devon.


Willoughby, 32, has increased Good Things’s revenue by a tremendous 800% between March 2020 and July 2020 growing month on month as the demand for online sales grew over this time. Lucy managed to achieve this increase in revenue thanks to the elite mentoring and coaching she received from Simon Lancaster, who runs an 8 figure business insurance brokerage, SJL Insurance Services, alongside his just over one year old foundation, the SJL Foundation charity, and his charity’s leadership coach Dr Jane Booth.


Willoughby continued: “This is good news for the planet as gifts, toys and games from Good Things are eco-friendly and sustainable, and for the people who make them. This is because we source products from charities and social enterprises providing good wages and opportunities around the world.”


Simon Lancaster, founder of the SJL Foundation in Worcester said: “The SJL Foundation charity has supported Lucy both financially and provided an ongoing elite coaching and mentoring service. We awarded Lucy a grant of £2,000 and put on two full days of coaching in January and February 2020 with myself and various professional speakers, and since February on a continuous basis, Lucy has had access remotely to myself and a high level leadership coach, Dr Jane Booth who works with me on mentoring all the SJL Foundation’s grant recipients.”


Lucy Willoughby succeeded in growing her business with:

  1. Getting her mind into a winning mindset with the help of elite coaching from Simon Lancaster, Dr Jane Booth and those involved with the SJL Foundation
  2. Learning how to do her own SEO ad focusing on that
  3. Moving away from selling goods at physical premises, to focusing online
  4. Being forced to pivot under pressure to becoming agile to succeed in sink or swim scenario


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Note to editors

About the SJL Foundation –

The SJL Foundation was established in June 2019 and is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) registered with the Charity Commission. Simon Lancaster is the founder of the SJL Foundation and one of the trustees. It has the Registered Charity number 1183875. The SJL Foundation hopes to raise £100,000 a year, of which 50% will go to the start-up business grant fund and 50% will go to Acorn’s children’s hospices.


About Good Things

Good Things is an award-winning online shop that seeks out ethical and planet-friendly gifts, toys and games. We share these products and their inspiring stories of social and environmental impact in our online store. Our mission is to make it easy for people to find feel good gifts and reduce plastic waste.