Speciality Home Insurance

Providing cover for properties that aren’t protected under home insurance.


What is Specialist Home Insurance?

Specialist Home Insurance (or non-standard home insurance) provides cover for properties that aren’t fully protected under standard home insurance. This could be for properties that are let out short term for holiday rentals, homes with unique features such as thatched roofing or solar panels or self-build properties.

Off-the-shelf home insurance often doesn’t provide the cover needed for these more unique situations. At SJL Insurance Services, we can offer the insurance protection you need to cover your individual requirements.

At SJL Insurance Services, we have an extensive history of insuring a number of unique properties which most online providers cannot accommodate. If you have any specialist requirements for your property or situation, please contact our team.

Don’t think you need Specialist Home Insurance? Check out our Property Insurance for home and buildings insurance.

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    Why do I need Speciality Home Insurance?

    Although many home insurance policies can cover most requirements for a home, if you have a property or situation that is slightly more unique, you could be vulnerable to problems that arise and become exposed to costs that you may otherwise thought you would have been covered for.

    SJL Insurance Services build bespoke policies for your unique situation, to ensure that you are covered for the risks that you are sensitive to.

    Whether it be a home you are building yourself, a listed building, a second home you are looking to rent out for holiday makers or a high net property with unique features, Specialist Home Insurance can protect you from any risks you and your property are exposed to.

    Not sure if Specialist Home Insurance is right for your property? Contact our teams to discuss today!

    What types of properties are covered with Specialist Home Insurance?

    Any property that could sit outside the realms of a typical home could be covered by Specialist Home Insurance.

    The following types of properties could benefit from Specialist Home Insurance, providing you with bespoke cover for your individual situation:

    • Home lets or holiday homes
    • Short term rental
    • Non-standard homes
    • Properties with specialist features such as solar panels or thatched roof
    • Self-build projects
    • Renovation or conversions
    • High net worth properties
    • Businesses run from home premises

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    What insurance do I need for a holiday home?

    If you own a holiday home that you rent out on a short-term basis, we can provide holiday let insurance as part of our Specialist Home Insurance package.

    Holiday let insurance will help cover you should any accidental damage occur. It can also offer public liability cover, to protect you and your guests during their stay.

    This type of cover suits properties and holiday lets rented out through third parties such as Airbnb and Homeaway and can cover anything from cottages to chalets.

    If you’d like to find out how much holiday let insurance will cost you, complete our ‘get a quote’ form now.

    What insurance do I need for a short term let property?

    Short term rental insurance protects your property and tenants, much like holiday home insurance. However, short term let insurance is specifically designed for properties that might be rented out for longer, and not necessarily for the use of holidaying.

    If you are renting out your property on a short term let basis, you’ll need public liability and cover to protect your property, furniture, fixtures and fittings.

    Are you a landlord looking for insurance for your rental property? Check out our Property Insurance.

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    What insurance do I need for a self-build?

    If you’re taking on a home build project and creating your very own bespoke self-build, we can help.

    Building your own property can be fraught with potential risks and mean that you are exposed to hazards throughout your build. SJL Insurance Services can create a bespoke policy to fit your project, giving you peace of mind during your build.

    Cover can help protect your workers, site, materials and home from theft or damage. Our specialist home insurance can also help cover your home if you are renovating or converting a property.

    If you are hiring people to help complete your home build, then our policies can provide employer’s liability insurance as well as public liability insurance to protect you and others on site from accidents.

    To find out more about our self-build insurance, please contact us.

    What insurance do I need if I work from home?

    If you work from home, standard home insurance often doesn’t provide you with the protection you might need. This is especially relevant if you have customers in your home as part of your business.

    As part of our Specialist Home Insurance, we can help build policies designed for those who run their business from their home, ensuring you’re covered for any risks that it may bring.

    Types of businesses we offer bespoke policies for:

    • Tutors
    • Hairdressers
    • Make-up Artists
    • Financial Advisors
    • Carpenters
    • Beauty Therapists

    See Workspace and Office Insurance for more on insuring where you work.

    Why should I choose SJL Insurance Services for my Specialist Home Insurance?

    SJL Insurance Services is an insurance brokers’, meaning we can access a large number of insurance products to build you the very best and most effective policy for your individual needs.

    Alongside our extensive let and vacant property products, SJL Insurance Services also provide home insurance for any type of home. Whether you are just about to purchase your first property, or you have just begun construction on your dream family home, SJL Insurance Services are able to cover every inch of your most prized possession.

    We have an extensive history of insuring a number of unique properties which most online or off-the-shelf providers cannot accommodate. We insure a number of thatched properties, non-standard construction premises and even the pre-fabricated kind – so wherever you decide to make your nest, you can be sure we have a solution to suit your needs.

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