Real Estate Property Insurance for Commercial Property Owners / Investors

For Property Investors with portfolios, medium to large, where the needs of the client require a specialist approach to manage their risk.


What is Real Estate and Commercial Property Owners Insurance?

Real Estate Commercial Property Owners related Insurance can be designed specifically for rented properties, for owners/investors and property managers, medium sized commercial and mixed portfolios (residential and commercial) to large scale private property companies with large portfolios.

Unlike the property insurance you might have for your home or own business, Real Estate Insurance for Landlords has other liabilities that must be included in risk protection policies including covers relating to health and safety for their tenants within the properties, maintenance, and management related services.

Our team of Real Estate experts provide insurance solutions for Commercial Property Investors, Build to Rent, Regulated Property Managers (FCA, RICS DPB), Pension Property Risks SIPP & SSAS, Block Management (Flats over £2M rebuild – purpose built) and more, extending to long term unoccupied premises waiting for development.

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    What is the difference between Property Insurance for the small to medium sized portfolios and Real Estate Commercial Property Insurance for large portfolios?

    Property Insurance at SJL Insurance Services provides property protection coverage and/or liability coverage for individual property owners/Landlords and small to medium sized portfolios. Commonly, it provides protection against standard insurance perils, fire, theft, flood, storm, accidental damage, rent receivable, liability etc.

    However, if you are a property investor or regulated property manager (and are able to transact insurance) for a large private property company, our Real Estate and Commercial Property Insurance offering is better suited to help protect you and your assets; as our team of experts write specific property covers that suit the individual needs of each business/Landlord within the current risk environment. These covers are exclusive and specifically selected based on the client’s needs, after some extensive consultations, leading to bespoke solutions.

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    Who is the Real Estate and Commercial Property Insurance offering for?

    Real Estate and Commercial Property Owners Insurance is designed for Landlords and property managers who have to protect their buildings from damage, loss of rent, financial losses and liability exposures, with other extensions of cover specifically designed and implemented to suit the needs of the policy holder, and included within our policy wordings.

    In particular, our Real Estate Insurance offering is suitable for:

    • Regulated Property Managing Agents (FCA, RICS DPB approved)
    • Commercial Property Consultants
    • Real Estate Commercial Property Investors
    • Build to Rent
    • Residential Block Management / Company secretaries / RTM’s
    • Vacant commercial properties. Or, existing structure with development works
    • Pension Property Risks SIPP and SSAS
    • Overseas properties

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    What types of property are covered in Real Estate Insurance?

    Property assets that are typically covered as part of our Real Estate Insurance offering include:

    • Residential rented properties (purpose-built accommodation and flats)
    • Retail (shopping centres)
    • Warehouses and industrial sites / buildings
    • Leisure and hospitality (restaurants, hotels and cinemas) etc.
    • Office buildings and commercial premises
    • Mixed use commercial with residential above

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    What is covered and the benefits in the SJL Real Estate Property Owners Insurance Offering?

    • Portfolio underwriting and consistency on premium rating, negotiated with senior underwriters with leading property insurers (Grade A rated)
    • When called upon, we have many Property Markets to choose from due to our Lloyds Broker offerings
    • Financial Losses
    • We provide our clients with options when they have difficult or poor performing property risks, to help protect their main portolifo from pricing increases beyond inflation or, place risks that are waiting for development works
    • Terrorism cover options
    • Special Perils policies for non-standard risks
    • Many extensions of cover written into your policy based on your individual needs
    • Documentation issued swiftly for invoicing
    • 2 and 3 year rating stability agreements available (dependent upon policy conditions). Further benefits include: Risk management funds, Flexible installment plans, Long term undertakings, Tripartite service agreements and Exclusive deal arrangements far beyond standard market offerings

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    Why choose SJL Insurance for Real Estate Investors / Property Owners Insurance?

    The specialist Real Estate Team at SJL have access to exclusive covers and deal arrangements with Grade A insurers. Our approach to insurance broking means our clients have access to many specialist underwriters. Our insurance solutions are, tailored for you and your business.

    We can offer a confidential review of your current insurance programme to make sure you are getting the best terms, advice, and cover available. We can report back to key decision makers with a cover gap analysis, service and pricing matrix. To find out more, contact us today.

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    How much does Real Estate Property Owners Insurance cost?

    We prefer not to provide off-the-shelf premiums and insurance packages for our clients because we don’t believe you should pay for risks that don’t meet your needs; and we understand that every business is unique, so it is priced accordingly, working with specialist underwriters. Also, risks can differ dependent upon type of property, type of construction, location and type of tenants, so we make sure we understand the risks before we consider offering full terms. We do aim to exceed your expectations at every opportunity.

    Therefore, we build bespoke insurance solutions for you, taking the time to understand your individual requirements and needs, whilst using all of our knowledge and experience in the Real Estate Insurance sector.

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