Outdoor Leisure & Climbing Wall Insurance

Covering the risks associated with the outdoor industry.

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What is Outdoor leisure and Climbing Wall Insurance?

Outdoor Leisure Insurance is designed for businesses who host outdoor activities such as leisure centres and outdoor activity centres. Outdoor Leisure Insurance can cover activities including abseiling, mountain biking, kayaking and archery.

Activities such as these contain a number of risks and hazards, which protective equipment can only go so far to help remove.

For the risks that can’t be avoided, Outdoor Leisure Insurance protects your employees, visitors and business.

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    Do I need Outdoor Leisure and Climbing Wall insurance?

    If your business offers outdoor leisure activities, it is important to ensure that you are protected should the worst happen.

    Many outdoor activities come with a number of different risks. With a large volume of regular visitors accessing your facilities and a likely team of employees to help run them, there is a lot to consider to help protect your business.

    Outdoor Leisure and Climbing Wall Insurance is suitable for the following businesses and venues:

    • Climbing/Bouldering Centres
    • Clip & Climb
    • Outdoor/Specialist Retailers
    • Associations & Governing Bodies
    • Manufacturing of Sports Equipment
    • Events, Exhibition & Corporate Days
    • Cinemas & Theatres
    • Visitor Attractions
    • Amusements
    • Gyms
    • Leisure Centres
    • Instructors
    • High/Low Ropes Courses
    • Activity Centres

    What is covered in Outdoor Leisure and Climbing Wall Insurance?

    Outdoor leisure and climbing wall Insurance has changed over the years with professional standards being raised year upon year As these trends have changed, our experts have adapted to ensure that our policies stay relevant and effective.

    Not only do we strive to provide the best value for money, but our risk management service aims to understand your needs as an industry provider before we search the insurance market.

    Cover in our Outdoor Leisure and Climbing Wall Insurance can include:

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    What activities are covered by Outdoor Leisure Activity and Climbing Wall Insurance?

    There are a huge number of different outdoor leisure activities and all come with varying risks. Here are just some of the most popular activities that we can provide insurance cover for:

    Some of the businesses that should take out Outdoor Leisure and Climbing Wall Insurance include the following:

    • Kayaking
    • Canoeing
    • Archery
    • Rock and wall climbing
    • Rafting
    • High ropes
    • Sailing
    • Horse Riding
    • Biking
    • Hiking
    • Fishing

    If you’d like to find out if your business can be covered by Outdoor Leisure and Climbing Wall Insurance, please contact our team to discuss.

    What is Climbing Wall Insurance?

    Climbing Wall Insurance is specifically designed for businesses who offer climbing wall and rock-climbing facilities for their visitors.

    Thrill-seekers enjoy this activity, often because of the skill and danger involved. It therefore naturally comes with a number of potential risks. Whilst protective equipment and safety precautions can protect you from these, it is not impossible for accidents to happen.

    Climbing Wall Insurance works to support your business should these accidents occur. Our expert teams consider your individual business set up when providing you with the correct cover, looking at the potential risks involved at your facilities and ensuring that you are protected no matter what.

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    Do I need Climbing Wall Insurance?

    If you offer wall climbing facilities and events, it is highly recommended that you take out Climbing Wall Insurance. Even if you take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of your guests, there are still a large number of potential risks involved.

    Climbing Wall Insurance provides protection for your business, adding an extra layer to your day-to-day safety precautions.

    If you employ people to help run your business, then you are legally required to take out Employer’s Liability Insurance. At SJL Insurance Services, we can build this into your insurance package, as well as a number of other relevant cover.

    SJL Insurance Services can provide you with the cover you need to help protect your business should anything happen, giving you peace of mind and leaving you to enjoy what you do best.

    Why should I choose SJL Insurance Services for my Outdoor Leisure and Climbing Wall Insurance?

    At SJL Insurance Services, we have access to a huge array of insurance services for businesses of all types. This includes the sporting and leisure industries. Our outdoor leisure and climbing wall Insurance provides cover for these specific venues and our team of experts take the time to discuss your individual needs before finding the best insurance product for you.

    We have a number of experts at SJL Insurance Services who have a keen interest in outdoor leisure and activities. Our BDE Matt Robinson holds a unique insight into the risks associated with wall climbing and rock climbing as he’s an avid climber and is SPA qualified.

    We are therefore well-armed with the knowledge and need for Climbing Wall Insurance and all aspects of the sport that are vulnerable to risk.

    Our enthusiasm and expertise in this field makes SJL Insurance Services better qualified for building bespoke covers than other insurance companies.

    Find out more about SJL Insurance Services.

    How much does Outdoor Leisure and Climbing Wall Insurance cost?

    At SJL Insurance Services, we have access to a huge array of insurance services. We build policies for your individual needs, only including the cover that works for you so that you don’t pay for cover that you don’t need.

    If you would like to know how much Outdoor Leisure and Climbing Wall Insurance would cost your business, please contact our team or request a quote.

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    What other insurance services should I consider for my business?

    SJL Insurance Services offer a huge range of services. You may also find the following insurance services relevant to your business:

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