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What is Kidnap and Ransom Insurance?

Kidnap and ransom insurance is a speciality crime coverage that protects against financial losses that arise when an insured is threatened with kidnap, extortion or illegal detention domestically or abroad.

Kidnap and Ransom insurance will, provide financial protection and crisis management in the event of kidnap, hijack, extortion and wrongful detention.

Kidnap and Ransom Insurance is particularly important to individuals and companies who travel to, or work in, high-risk countries and extreme environments. Those who are financially secure are particularly at risk.

By taking out Kidnap and Ransom Insurance, you have access to quick and practical crisis and financial support in threatening, dangerous situations, giving you peace of mind.

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    Why do I need kidnap and ransom insurance?

    Kidnap and Ransom Insurance might not seem necessary, but if you travel for work or work in a location with a reputation for violence, kidnap and extortion, it can be a very real threat.

    SJL Insurance Services can support you and your business should you come into trouble, through extensive knowledge, expertise, crisis management and financial protection.

    These situations can be incredibly traumatic, dangerous and threatening to both people and the financial security of your business.

    Kidnap and Ransom Insurance can help protect individuals and businesses from:

    • Extortion
    • Business Interruption
    • Child Abduction
    • Tiger Kidnapping and Disappearance
    • Cyber Extortion business interruption
    • Product Recall Expenses
    • Kidnap
    • Ransom
    • Hijack
    • Piracy
    • Illegal detention

    If you are concerned at the risk of kidnap, extortion and wrongful detention and are due to travel to a high-risk country, speak to one of our experts, Keeley Theron or Stuart Dix today.

    What perils does a kidnap and ransom policy cover?

    Kidnap and ransom insurance policies typically include the following features and benefits:

    • The reimbursement of financial losses associated with a kidnap for ransom, extortion, illegal detention, hostage situations and hijacking incidents – both domestically and abroad
    • Risk mitigation and security strategies for individuals and corporations
    • For international risks, most policies will include safe travel advice and training

    Some insurance carriers also offer insurance coverage extensions like:

    • Emergency evacuation or repatriation
    • Business interruption
    • Child abduction
    • Tiger kidnapping and disappearance
    • Cyber extortion business interruption
    • Product recall expenses

    Insureds are advised to consult with their brokers to determine their risk profile and exactly what coverages they might need.

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    Who is Kidnap and Ransom Insurance for?

    Kidnap and Ransom Insurance is most applicable for those who work in high-risk locations as part of their job or travel. Those who travel to, or work in, environments that can be hostile are most likely to be targeted, especially those who are known for being financially secure.

    Businesses and individuals who typically require Kidnap and Ransom Insurance include:

    • High net worth individuals
    • Sports, media, entertainment personalities
    • Oil and gas companies
    • Mining and extractive industries
    • Construction companies
    • Pharmaceutical companies
    • Telecommunication companies
    • Financial institutions
    • Security companies

    Which countries are high risk for kidnap and ransom?

    The key areas for kidnapping are Central and South America, Mexico and Africa, but there are a number of places deemed high-risk if you travel for business or work in as an expat.

    There are a number of countries that you should consider additional security for when travelling to, but the following are considered the most high-risk locations. If you are travelling to or working in any of these countries, then Kidnap and Ransom Insurance is highly recommended.

    • Venezuela
    • Nigeria
    • Ethiopia
    • DRC
    • Columbia
    • Iraq
    • Afghanistan
    • The Philippines
    • India
    • Brazil
    • Haiti
    • Mexico

    If you’re not sure if Kidnap and Ransom Insurance is required for somewhere you are travelling to, speak to our experts Keeley Theron and Stuart Dix who can advise you on the cover you need.

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    What is covered in kidnap and ransom insurance?

    SJL Insurance Services can offer support quickly and effectively in a hostile situation. This means that we can provide crisis management and financial support to help resolve threatening situations quickly and assist in the safety of those involved.

    We build tailored policies for businesses and individuals, meaning you will only pay for the cover you require. Our expert team has extensive insights into the risks involved across different countries and locations and can offer you professional advice surrounding your individual situation.

    If you would like to find out what else we cover, please call us on +44 (0)1905 27775 or email ku.oc.sniljsnull@xid.s.

    How much does kidnap and ransom insurance cost?

    At SJL Insurance Services, we build bespoke policies to suit the needs of the individual business. The level of cover required, the country and or location of travel and plus the security risks and security provided in country will determine the cost of your policy.

    Our teams at SJL will work with you to build a tailored kidnap and ransom insurance policy that suits your requirements. To find out what cover you might need, contact us today to speak to an expert.

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