Global High Risk and International Insurance

A number of destinations are considered high-risk.


What is a high-risk travel destination?

Whether traveling for work or leisure, there are a number of destinations that are considered high-risk. Countries on the FCDO list are included in these locations. They may be on the FCDO list due to it being a war or conflict zone, for having political unrest or due to recent terrorist activity.

Other high-risk locations include disaster areas which have recently experienced natural or technological disasters or hazards.

Due to the nature of these destinations and issues, travelling to them can be considerably high-risk. It is therefore very important to take out the correct insurance to support you and your employees to protect yourself against likely threats when working in a high-risk destination.

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    Which countries are considered high-risk to travel to?

    There are a number of destinations that are considered potentially dangerous to travel to around the world. These are for many different reasons, be it political unrest, civil war, terrorism, piracy or a recent natural disaster.

    Despite advice against it, work commitments can often mean unavoidable travel to high-risk areas. For this reason, it is paramount that you protect yourself or your staff against threatening situations. Global High Risk and International Insurance can provide you with the cover and protection you need for travelling to and working in dangerous countries.

    Countries considered dangerous for travel and eligible for Global High Risk Insurance include:

    • Nigeria
    • Somalia
    • Mali
    • Afghanistan
    • Libya
    • Iraq
    • Algeria
    • South Sudan
    • Kenya
    • Yemen

    If you would like to find out more about the specific destinations that we can provide cover for, please contact our specialist international insurance team.

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    What is covered in Global High Risk Insurance?

    Travelling to dangerous or challenging destinations can come with a variety of risks.

    Depending on where you are travelling to, the reason for your travel and how long you are travelling for, we can provide a bespoke insurance package for you.

    Our global high-risk policies can include:

    Our specialist Global High Risk and International Insurance team have experience and knowledge across the different dangers in global locations. The team, managed by Stuart Dix, can provide you with the protection you need to ensure you’re protected when travelling to uncertain territories.

    Who is global high risk and international insurance for?

    Global and International High Risk Travel Insurance is suitable for those travelling or working in potentially dangerous countries, running challenging operations.

    Travel insurance to high-risk countries is often used by:

    • UK businesses with office/s located in a high-risk country
    • Relief workers and humanitarian aid
    • Journalists and reporters
    • Media Teams and cameramen
    • Religious workers and those working as part of charitable programmes
    • Oil workers and rigs
    • Shipping companies
    • Armed & Unarmed Security

    If you or members of your team are due to travel to, or work in, a potentially dangerous location/country and would like to find out more about recommended international travel insurance, please contact our team.

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    Spotlight on Nigeria

    Working in or travelling to Africa can be fraught with risk. Business Insurance for travelling to certain areas of Africa is therefore vital in ensuring you’re protected. Nigeria, in particular, has a high level of kidnapping, piracy and terrorism, especially regarding oil and gas workers and cargo vessels. Political and social issues are tense and can make travellers particularly vulnerable.

    Nigeria is one of the more common countries we provide high risk business travel cover for at SJL Insurance Services.

    We can provide you with insurance cover if you’re travelling through, working in or have a work premises in the country, specifically targeted to the risks surrounding Nigeria.

    Find out more about the risks in Nigeria and how SJL Insurance Services can help protect you against them

    How much does Global High Risk and International Insurance cost?

    Our experienced teams at SJL Insurance Services work with you to understand your individual needs for insurance cover. A number of factors will affect the level of cover you need and therefore the cost.

    Please complete our ‘get a quote’ form or contact the team direct at moc.ecnarusniljsnull@troppus or on +44 (0) 1905 27775.

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