Fleet insurance

Cover all of your business vehicles under one policy.


What is Fleet Insurance?

By law, every road going vehicle must be insured to cover your liability to other people and their property. Many businesses own multiple vehicles, making insuring these individually on an annual basis a logistical and financial problem. However, SJL Insurance Services offer Fleet Insurance which covers all of your business vehicles under one policy, meaning one renewal date.

SJL Insurance Services cover all vehicles including cars, vans, taxi’s, HGVs and special type vehicles and you are eligible if you have two or more vehicles.

SJL Insurance Services can also provide a policy that covers any driver to drive any vehicle in your fleet, or it can be fixed to named drivers for specific vehicles.

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    Do I need Fleet Insurance?

    Fleet Insurance benefits any business with more than one vehicle. Save time, money and effort by utilising a more manageable insurance type. This is the ideal solution for business owners who don’t want the hassle of insuring each of their company vehicles individually.

    Why should I choose SJL Insurance Services?

    Insure all of your company vehicles under one insurance policy at SJL Insurance Services. Our easy to manage insurance packages allow your drivers to be fully insured on each of your vehicles; without the hassle of updating driver details. SJL Insurance Services provide quality insurance to fleets within businesses of all trades, including couriers and highly mobile businesses.

    SJL Insurance Services can also provide you with a number of different covers, ranging from Third Party insurance cover only, to Fully Comprehensive insurance cover.

    • Insurance cover for fleets of all sizes from just two vehicles
    • All of your vehicles on one policy
    • One renewal date saving you time.
    • Named Driver or Any Driver policies available
    • All levels of insurance cover available (Third Party only, Third Party, Fire & Theft and Fully Comprehensive).

    How many vehicles do I need to be eligible for Fleet Insurance?

    Our Fleet Insurance is suitable for small companies with a two-vehicle fleet as well as larger companies with hundreds or thousands of vehicles. The fleets can be made of cars, motorcycles, van and lorries. SJL Insurance Services produce insurance packages for all of your vehicles, no matter what size of fleet you have.

    How much does Fleet Insurance cost?

    The cost will depend on the amount of cover you require for your business and the size of your fleet.

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    What other insurances should I consider for my business?

    Other insurances we offer that may be relevant for your business include:

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